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Ganesh C BhattInformation materials in general have both static and dynamic elements – text, figures, tables, audio, video, and multimedia components. These are created, processed, and delivered by using continuously developing technologies. The original author created content could take a variety of forms after it is edited, styled, and structured and finally delivered to the consumer via multiple-media routes. From handwritten manuscripts to printed books to interactive e-learning materials to various digitized products, publishing has witnessed a fast-paced evolution.

There could never have been a more exciting time than now to be a part of the vast world of publishing – as a publisher, an author or content creator, editor, designer, or a technical expert who develops tools to effectively and efficiently process the structure and style the content so as to output it as the desired product and through the desired medium. The space is ready to offer wonderful opportunities for anyone passionate about publishing.

I am very happy to state that Cosmic Strands has established high standards in publishing services and has lived up to time-tested values in its pursuit of achieving the vision its promoters and supporters have set.

I thank everyone who has contributed to the growth of Cosmic Strands and am very grateful to all clients for placing great trust on the abilities of our staff and managers, who are deeply committed to maintaining the best standards in serving authors, publishers, and readers alike.

Thank you and best wishes,
Dr Ganesh C Bhatt

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