Content Development

Cosmic Strands provides writing, rewriting, and editorial and content development services to publishers, institutions, corporate houses, and individuals. From theses, technical reports, manuals, or user guides to other types of titles you publish, Cosmic Strands can assist you in developing well-presented content.

Content development for e-learning modules

Today's technology enables a certain percentage of study materials in paper-free formats. The growth of electronic multimedia teaching and learning tools is increasingly becoming commonplace in education. Cosmic Strands can assist you in developing content for this application.

The teams at Cosmic Strands can also create and tag content elements such as the learning objectives for e-format study materials meant for students at various levels. In many cases, our subject-matter experts can carefully write the text pertaining to learning objectives for your intended subject heads. They can create simple to challenging questions for students to solve. They carefully read the text and select the appropriate text for the learning objective and ensure that the solution for the associated problems/objectives is part of the text where desired.

Abstract writing

Cosmic Strands generates precise and concise abstracts for all kinds of online    or print-based books, articles, reports, patents, databases, etc. We have the requisite expertise in diverse disciplines.

Writing and rewriting

Cosmic Strands offers a range of writing services. From general website articles to professional medical, legal, and financial writing, our team of creative and experienced writers have written in diverse areas:

  1. Medical writing
  2. E-learning tutorials
  3. Rewriting book chapters (K-12)
  4. Financial articles
  5. Travel guides
  6. Games
  7. Entertainment
  8. Magazine articles
  9. Ghost writing
  10. Specialized healthcare documents
  11. Motivational and self-help writing

Medical writing

CS offers experienced and trained staff for medical writing. We have worked for medical transcription companies around the world. We offer customized ghost-writing service in various areas where we follow specific style guides and protocols. Whatever your need be – cosmetology, dental, dermatology, or nursing – we can work with an expert team of doctors, writers, and editors to create excellent medical documents to suit your content.

Data mining and fact checking

Cosmic Strands offers data-mining services in various areas as per your specifications. Detailed data based on research, statistics, and trends could be provided by our data-mining staff in a format your choice. Often the facts in a published or unpublished article might require verification to confirm that they are accurate. Revised editions of previously published titles must be adequately updated. Cosmic Strands provides fact-checking service for articles in a wide variety of articles across subject matters. For this purpose, we employ authentic websites and the source links provided by the customer.

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