Electronic publishing entails creation and processing of data that can be output through various media based on an electronic document that is adequately tagged for various elements. The starting point could even be in a hard copy format (e.g., legacy data) and in general may require data conversion or data entry for digitization prior to generating a well-tagged document for conversion into a multiple-media-friendly mother document. The latter can then be output through the desired medium, namely, print, DVD or CD, web document, an eBook, etc. Thus, several pre-media services become part of today’s publishing environment.

Pre- media services

The presentation of content within a publication is one of the most important aspects that can play a key role in maintain reader attention. Cosmic Strands typesets the manuscripts by carefully selecting the fonts, point size, leading, etc. We can style and set various types of contents for all book types, including the eBooks. The team at Cosmic Strands has expertise in desktop publishing software, such as InDesign and Tex/Latex. We structure the document for web and print publishing via the HTML, XML, or SGML route as per customer specifications. We check/validate at various stages to get everything right.


Cosmic Strands creates professional eBooks in the ePub, mobi, KF8, etc. formats that can be read on the iPad, Kindle, etc. Our conversion services include internal and external linking, two-way linked table of contents, relabeling/redrawing of low-to-medium complex line artworks, resizing of images, conversion of tables to images, and many more.

Please note that we do eBook formatting for books written in English.

Conversion - hardcopy to electronic format

Cosmic Strands converts historical documents (legacy data) available in the hardcopy format, documents available only in the PDF format, etc., to electronic versions through scanning, OCR, and through data entry of printed originals. We extract content from a hardcopy book by destructive or non-destructive scanning (as specified by the customer) and also resize the images if necessary. We have double data entry system to achieve guaranteed accuracy when the source file cannot be converted through scanning or OCR method. The converted materials undergo word-for-word proofreading to ensure quality.

Cover designs for books

One may not judge a book by its cover, but an impressive book cover can attract the attention of most readers! Cosmic Strands designs covers as per author/publisher specifications for eBooks and paperback or hardcover editions. If needed, we can also coordinate with your printers on sizing, spine widths, file formats, etc. We provide cover images with the desired file extension and resolution.


Cosmic Stands offers translation-related support services such as linguistic editing and proofreading for most languages, subjects, and levels of translation expected. We provide post-translation editorial checks for multi-lingual translations of medical reports and forms. Our specialized teams can check the formatting, language, grammar, and style in all translated documents.

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