Cosmic Strands has among the best training, measurement, and control systems for copy editing. Its editorial quality system is much appreciated by clients. Cosmic Strands edits for structure, style and substance as per customer specifications – from basic level to one where subject-matter experts are needed.

Cosmic Strands undertakes editing of academic, professional, and corporate/institutional documents. Be it K-12, college, and advanced research articles, manuscripts from natural science, statistics and mathematics, finance and business, engineering and technology, biology, health sciences, or medicine, Cosmic Strands provides excellent editorial service.

Developmental editing

Cosmic Strands helps your commissioning and development editors in miscellaneous ways once the aims and scope of your large publications (such as the major reference works, handbooks, etc.) have been established: research and analysis, data mining, author–reviewer contacts, MS acquisition, login, pre-flight analysis (pre- and post-review processing, generating document statistics), handling permissions issues, etc.

Production editing

Copy editing, string editing, proof reading, editorial proof reading, & project management

Mid-process project assistance

In an environment where a large number of processes are outsourced to external suppliers, often the possibility of losing control on quality on the one hand and managing various suppliers for different services on the other hand can become an avoidable task. Our track record in terms of performance in partnering with publisher project managers to control quality and generate objective feedback on the editorial, typesetting, or proofreading services rendered by various suppliers has been much appreciated. We can assist you in your efforts to create ever-improving quality of services from suppliers through effective, precise and timely feedback.

Cosmic Strands constantly innovates on developing methods for improvements in the editorial, proofreading, and project management quality for journals, books and MRWs. We can offer mid-process assistance and restore quality and avoid the schedule being hit adversely.

Client testimonials

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