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Editing is not restricted to reading through an article’s pages to correct grammar, spellings, and punctuations. A good copy editor is one who understands the smallest nuances that go into creating a final consistent, clear, and easily comprehensible document. Copyediting involves a broader outlook to understand the author intentions, publisher specifications, and reader expectations. The author is the creator of the article’s content and perhaps an authority on his/her subject area; therefore, the edited article must reflect author intentions – the editorial interventions ought to be a value add at best, without changing the intended meaning of the text.

Editing scholarly manuscripts, brainstorming on article-specific quality standards, and sometimes quibbling strongly over the right syntax are characteristics endemic to a CS editor. Sometimes the tomes or the reserve books sections meant to brush up an editor’s skillset take a toll; so much that their profanity overrides their niceness. Training at CS brings a shine to your skills as an editor of high-profile publications.

CS trainers are some of the best in the country. They share their knowledge of the publishing industry, editorial tools and methods, and tricks that help you become a world-class editor. They open up challenges and opportunities for you that regularly sharpen your publishing acumen. A trainee gradually transcends into an editor ready to handle a variety of documents.

Please write to us at if you are someone who has the aptitude and attitude to handle such a work environment. Only dedicated learners must enrol for our training programs.*Selected candidates will be shortlisted for our one-month intensive editorial program that could offer you a career with us!

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